The Fold's Story

While living in Europe as a military kid, I discovered the love of Street Crepes, combining my favorite things -- delicious food and being outside. There was also nothing like the mesmerizing artistry of watching the spreading of the crepe.  Once back in the States, all the crepes I found were rolled, plated, and EXPENSIVE (read: fancy).  So I gave up.  Until, years later, I decided to give my own a try.  YUM!  I got obsessed. My husband and I started hosting charitable crepe parties at our house where guests concocted the yummiest combos with choices of traditional and non-traditional ingredients (Hot Fries?! Why, yes, thank you). These parties benefitted our local school district and were auctioned off at fundraising events.  They sold out in minutes year after year.  About 8 years in, we decided there's a market for this and we wanted to see how to bring Street Crepes to St. Louis.  So here we are...stay tuned for updates along our journey (including the cutest food trailer you've ever seen).

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How is making crepes like being an educator?

Crepe house parties?  Say more...

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Any crepes people need to try?