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The Fold's Story

While living in Europe as a military kid, Kristen Painter discovered a love of Street Crepes. Years later she brought her childhood love to her new home town of Kirkwood Missouri and started The Fold. In early 2023, the Painters decided to pursue other adventures but were looking for someone to carry on the crepe business that they had lovingly built. Ken and Megan Pribish were entering into retirement from the public schools and looking for that next "thing" to keep them busy. These two worlds perfectly collided and the Pribishes purchased The Fold in hopes of carrying on the tradition.


We promise to continue bringing joy to the community by serving delicious street crepes at events around the St. Louis area. We hope to make Kristen proud by continuing her journey and are honored to be a part of her dream.


Ken and Megan



How is making crepes like being an educator?

Crepe house parties?  Say more...

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Any crepes people need to try?

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